My house, my rules - one's own tournament rules
Oct 3, 2019

There were two chess centres in one small town. The first - with traditions, guaranteed pleasant time in an unchanging group. The second - created from scratch, attracted more and more people. Instead of competition, cooperation was chosen, which resulted in a series of tournaments. Then the two worlds collided. Some wanted to play "as usual", at home. The others were full of strength and ideas, they were focused on genuine tournaments.

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Preparation for the tournament
Sep 15, 2019

Unreadiness of the player may result in his poor start, however the weaknesses of the organiser and the arbiter may be noticeable by all participants of the event. Just as sometimes with the chessboard "from the side you can see better" and fans, with different perspective, analyse the brilliant moves that players do not consider at all, just as the organisers and arbiters do not always see what can be improved. Therefore, you should forget about past tournaments for a moment and think about what a perfect one should look like. Not everything can be improved right away, but even a small detail can change a lot.

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